Pre Community Appliance:  In the late 80's and early 90's, Mike took on the task of stocking the Community Appliance van
shelves when new parts came in.  Being around it from an early start, these parts have been familiar for 25+ years.  Before Mike
took on the family business, he worked for several industrial employers.  In the early 90's, he was employed by a car sales
company.  In 1994, he was an A.S.M.E. Certified welder at Werts Welding and Tank Service.  He performed major repairs on
cargo tanks and pressure vessels carrying hazardous chemicals.  Several years later, he went to work for Baker Tanks, Inc. as a
tank and pump mechanic.  While employed there, he performed major repairs on tanks and large industrial pumps used in
critical applications.  This would often take him into refineries, power plants and factories around the region to troubleshoot and
make on site repairs.  

Mike developed a strong mechanical background at a young age.  Innovations directly from him are still used from his past
employment throughout the country.  As you would expect, he is able to troubleshoot a variety of problems with a wide range of
different applications.

From the owner:

I often think about how long I have been around appliances and repairing them.  I can remember replacing a heat element in a
Whirlpool dryer when I was 12 years old.  I was exposed to refrigerants and handling them at a very early age.  My dad would often
take me along to regular customers and let me get involved in making a repair.

I can remember seeing my father's shop full of refrigerators waiting for repairs.  Many times, I would watch a vacuum pump after a
compressor replacement when I was only 8 or 9 years old.  I can honestly say that I have been around appliance repair for 25+
years.  Appliance repair is where the core business started but at this point, 85% of current business comes form heating and
cooling.  I'm 100% honest and always treat my customers fairly.  You will find me at school picking my son up, in the community at
events and out to eat at local restaurants.  I'm never afraid to be out in public for fear of doing something dishonest.  Thanks you
for your local support of our business for the past 36+ years!

Mike Gibson
Gibson's Repair - (618) 656-3733 - Since 1976!
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Mike in Dad's van
Mike in Dad's van

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Jim Jones duct from 1960 - note the 132W phone#!
In the early 1970's, Charles Gibson worked for Jim Jones appliance company.  This
was an appliance repair/furnace repair/propane sales company.  The quality of work
was so good that you can still find Jim Jones ductwork with their 4 digit phone number
in Edwardsville homes.  When Jim Jones went out of business, Charles bought the
equipment and customer base.  

In 1976, Charles Gibson's "Community Appliance" was open for business.  This was a
dependable and honest small town repair service in Edwardsville.  Charles developed
an outstanding relationship with his customers as his business grew.  In later years,
Community Appliance changed it's name to Gibson's Repair Service.  

Gibson's Repair (Community Appliance) was one of the first businesses to open an
account with a major nationwide parts sales distribution center in the early 80's.  They
now have 60+ warehouses nationwide with an extensive inventory.  As you can imagine,
there are tens of thousands of customers that use this vendor now.  Because of our
early start, we were in the first 500 customers to open an account with them.  As a
result, we have a bit of pull with obtaining parts that are hard to get or in short supply.

In 2000, Mike Gibson, (Charles's son) took over the family business.  Before this, Mike would often go out on service calls or
help in the shop.  Mike's goal after acquiring the business was to have the same good working relationship with his customers
that his father did.  On top of that, he continued to provide 100% honest service as his father did. The parts inventory was
increased and larger jobs were taken on.  Quick and dependable service is still an important feature.  Gibson's Repair
continues to be a home based business to provide the most competitive prices possible.  By not renting or owning a separate
building, we don't have the overhead that many other businesses do.