These products won't kill mold, mildew or bacteria on your air conditioner coil!
NOT Effective!!
NOT Effective!!
Our UV-System will though....
A module similar to one below (left) is installed directly on your existing ductwork to effectively reduce airborne
contaminants including molds, bacteria, yeasts, dust mites and viruses.  It also kills germs that breed in the drain
pan of your air conditioner coil.  The use of this system will reduce the buildup of matter on your air conditioner coil
which will increase the efficiency of your unit.
UV System
Why spend hundreds of dollars on an air purifier
that stands alone in one room?  They cost more,
only take care of one room and CAN'T get rid of
the mold or mildew on your air conditioner coil.  
Often, free standing units are
ozone generators
that can actually harm your health!!  By mounting
a UV-System in your ductwork, the air in your
entire house will be purified.  
Stand alone "air
purifiers" treat the
symptom - not the

Let an HVAC
professional help clean
up your air with the
installation of a
ultraviolet light system.
HOW THE UV-SYSTEM WORKS  --  Watch the video here The UV-System can be installed in the duct work of any forced
air heating system.  The UV-System operates continuously to attack airborne contaminants as they pass through the
HVAC system. Microorganisms, including mold, bacteria, viruses, and fungi are sterilized or eliminated by continuous
exposure to the UV rays.  Have you ever noticed that mold, moss and fungus don't grow outside in sunny areas?  The
ultraviolet rays from the sun keep them from growing.  Your dark and damp ductwork makes a perfect breeding ground
for these organisms.  Don't be fooled by some of the other UV-Systems on the market!  Some companies don't mount
them above the air conditioner coil.  Properly installed, our UV-System acts much as the sun does by killing unwanted
organisms on your coil.  To the right is an example of a clean 5 year old coil that has a UV light positioned above it.
Clean coil with UV light
These pictures were taken inside of a local electric heating unit.  The picture quality is not good, but
the mold can be clearly seen.  It is not unusual to find some form of mold inside the ductwork while
performing service.  This is something that a free standing "air purifier" can't take care of.  Mold
spores will break free from this growth and circulate through your entire house.  More on the dangers
of mold can be found at the bottom of our
indoor air quality page.

Without maintenance, evaporator coils can become clogged with dirt in extreme cases like the
pictures on the right.  The grime on these coils is a perfect place for bacteria, mold or mildew to grow
when they become wet during air conditioner season.  Do you want the air in your home circulating
through something like that?  A good
air filter in conjunction with a UV-System will prevent this from
happening.  Even without dirt like this, mold can grow on your coil.  Click the four pictures to the right
to enlarge.
Dirty coil
Dirty coil
UV’s effectiveness in killing bacteria is directly related to a microorganism’s exposure time. Indoor air in a typical residential forced-air HVAC
system will be recirculated 40-75 times a day. With a UV generating lamp mounted in the HVAC duct, cumulative exposure can be very effective in
controlling indoor bacteria.

UV rays will also kill germs that breed in drain pans and on air conditioner coils. Properly positioned, an ultraviolet system can significantly reduce
indoor air contamination and prevent the growth of new microorganisms.  Do you have mold growing in your ductwork like the above pictures?  Are
you sure?  This customer didn't know it was in there!  Television is filled with air cleaners that can only handle one room at a time.  Those units will
not destroy the mold or mildew growing on your air conditioner coil.  Many of these units generate dangerous ozone as well. Ozone is great for
purifying air, however it
is harmful to your health.   Many manufacturers label these units as "activated oxygen" or "O3" purifiers.  More on the dangers
of ozone here from the EPA.  Here is our input on ozone generators as well.  Additionally, it is very costly to equip your home with these units.  Most
free standing or table top units advertised are $360-500 per unit.  To take care of the air in your entire house, you would spend:

$360 - living room
360 - kitchen
360 - dining room
360 - bedroom #1
360 - bedroom #2
360 - bathroom
$2,160 or more for your entire home!

Our UV-System will purify the air in your entire home for the cost of one of those single room units!  And it will destroy the mold or mildew on your air
conditioner coil which is often the source of many problems.

The treatment of indoor air with ultraviolet radiation has been successful in health care facilities, food processing plants, schools, laboratories and
other applications. It is safe, silent, and proven.  The U.S. Government now has standards requiring UV-Systems in their ductwork.  More can be
found here (half way down the page) about the
government requirements for UV-C emitters.
Ultraviolet Light Systems - What Are They?

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The majority of indoor air is conditioned by forced-air heating and cooling (HVAC) systems. Standard fiber air filters are entirely ineffective in
trapping germs, as most particles are simply too small, passing through the porous filter. New, high efficiency style filters will only capture
airborne bacteria down to a certain size. These high efficiency filters are nominally effective, trapping small airborne contaminants on the filter,
creating a breeding ground where germs can continue to grow and multiply.

HVAC systems are a dark and damp breeding ground for mold and bacteria, particularly at the system filter and air conditioning (A/C) coil.  An
option we now have available is an air filter with an ultraviolet light incorporated in it.  Additionally, the buildup of matter on the A/C coil and filter can
significantly reduce the efficiency of the appliance by constricting and reducing air flow. This means increased cost to the homeowner along with
the risk of airborne pollutants.

A local commercial building that is only ten years old had serious indoor air quality problems.  People inside were continually coughing while the
furnace or air conditioner was running.  For several years, this problem has persisted.  This building was constructed with windows that do not
open, and the exchange of fresh air was not constant.  After taking the cover off of the air conditioner coil inside, we found patches of brown fuzzy
mold growing on the evaporator coil.  Keep in mind that this is only a ten year old building!  A UV-System was installed in all three air handling
units immediately.  Amazingly, the coughing stopped within a week!  Even with the passage of some time, the problem continues to be under
control.  A month later these units were checked.  The moldy patches were gone and the coils were completely clean!

We recently had a residential customer that had a persistent cough, could not sleep through the night and was taking Allegra-D daily.  We installed
a UV-System in his home above the air conditioner coil in December of 2004.  Three weeks later, he reported that he no longer had a cough.  He
also said he was able to sleep through the night and was no longer taking Allegra-D!  In October of 2007, he maintains that the quality of life in his
home is much better thanks to a UV-System.  Results like this are consistent and not unusual.

A customer recently "test" ran a UV-system in one of their air handling systems (they have 3).  About a week after the install, their daughter quit
having a chronic sore throat and sickness.  The results were so good that they had UV-systems installed in the other two air handlers.  A year later,
they report that it has benefited the entire family and was an excellent decision!

UV System Frequently Asked Questions
What is UV-C light and how does it kill bacteria?
UV-C is the invisible, ultraviolet, C-band radiation that makes up part of the sun's light spectrum. UV-C light prevents growth and germination of
microorganisms by altering the DNA and RNA and effectively sterilizing the organisms. Once sterilized, they cannot reproduce and with their short
life cycles, they are effectively killed.

How long has UV been used in air purification?
Since 1936, UV has been used to sterilize air. It was first used to purify air in a surgical operating room. UV has been used in schools to decrease
the growth of epidemics such as measles and tuberculosis. Other applications include: barber shops, restaurants, incubation rooms, veterinary
clinics, and hospitals.

By having a UV system installed in your home, you effectively combat airborne germs and bacteria.  
Below is an up to date view of the current flu outbreak from the CDC.  Why not give your family the safest place to live?
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