When calling for service, you can expect to have someone travel to your home and diagnose what
is wrong with your appliance (all part of the service call charge).  It is guaranteed that the service
person will be a non-smoker and will not use foul language in your home.  With honesty as a
foremost quality, you can be assured that you will be given every option available to resolve your
problem.  Our service truck has the most commonly used parts to fix most jobs on the first call.  If a
part needs to be ordered, it will usually be available in 1-2 days.  We do require payment upon
completion of work by check, cash or credit card.  Sorry, we do not extend credit and we
ask that animals be put away
while a service person is in your home.  Here are a few tips to help
when calling for service about the following products:

All appliances:  Many problems are repaired quickly.  If you have taken things
apart out of curiosity,
please reinstall everything as it was before.  More times
than not, a product has to be reassembled to properly diagnose the problem.  
Reassembly will save you $$$ in labor time.

Refrigerators:  If the unit is not cooling well, leave it on and running.  There may be a defrost
problem and it is much easier to find the trouble spot if it is left running.  A good indication of this
type of problem is a frost buildup somewhere in the freezer compartment.  
However, if the refrigerator is actually warm inside (above 70 degrees), there is no problem with
turning it off.  

Most problems with refrigerators are not a loss of refrigerant charge.  It is usually a result of
compressor relay or defrost component failures.

Remember:  the cool from your refrigerator compartment comes from the freezer side.  Air is
circulated through the entire unit by a fan in the freezer compartment.

Tip:  bad refrigerator odors can be absorbed by breaking charcoal with a hammer and placing it in a
bowl inside.  Loosely crumpled newspaper also works.

Dryers:  A dryer with electric heat will run with no heat if one fuse is blown.  There are two
fuses/circuit breakers that power an electric dryer.  Check or replace both fuses before calling - it
may save you some $$$!  Additionally, many problems with dryers are related to plugged vents.

A dryer needs to heat, turn and VENT!!  If it doesn't vent well, it won't dry well.  50% of all dryer calls
are linked to a plugged vent.

Dishwashers:  Dishes that don't come completely clean may be the result of sediment buildup in
the dishwasher.  Run Country Time lemonade in your dishwasher to clean up this unwanted

Washing machines:  Off balance problems are many times from legs being extended too far.  
Shorten the legs as much as possible and level the machine again according to the instruction
manual.  You might also benefit from our newest product - Shake Away Pads.  Call or email to
inquire about them.

Garbage disposers:  A disposer that just hums or will not run may be from something stuck in it.  
Turn the disposer from the bottom with an allen wrench (follow the instructions that came with your
disposer), hit the reset button on the bottom of it and try it again.  Make sure the power is off while
you are working with it!

Air conditioners:  If your air conditioner is not cooling well, turn it off and leave the inside fan "on"
several hours before a service person arrives (at the thermostat - auto/on).  If there is a refrigerant
leak, the indoor coil may turn into a large ice cube and it must be melted before it can be repaired or
charged.  This will save you time and $$$!
What to expect when calling for service -  
and appliance tips...

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